In this section are Jan’s children’s stories lovingly written, but not yet published.  Some characters are almost ordinary kids and others are four footed friends, but all are just good fun.  Each tale points to right thinking and fairly good behavior.  They are stories that are waiting to find homes with a publisher and a place in some little hearts.

Rags a cute little canine, daydreams of joining the circus.
Just completed, the new Picture Book manuscript from JAN LIS.  Meet Professor Bugsby, Fillipo Flea, Ringmaster Barnaby Belch, Boss Daddy Lion and the Flying Canoli Brothers in a hilarious day at the Circus.  Rags flies through the air, is shot from a canon, enters the wild animal cage, rides the bareback pony, and other fetes of daring do. See 15 colorful illustrations with all the circus magic and razzle-dazzle.

•  TYRONE THE TERRIBLE – The Chameleon Who Decided He Was An Alligator 
Tyrone is a puny chameleon who goes on a fitness program and becomes puffed up with his new self.  He decides he is now a boss alligator and terrorizes his friends, Oscar Possum, Willie Tree Peeper and Ziggy Crawdad.  Until he meets his match, the real deal – Sly, the meanest gator in the bayou.  Sly returns Tyrone to the reality of things in a toothy satire of Jonah and the Whale. The story ends, as all proper tales should, with a moral: There is always someone bigger and badder than you, so it’s best to make friends along the way.

Bumps is a good kid, but he has one peculiarity – he loves raisins. One particular day we find Bumps in Mrs. Smith’s back yard looking for scrap lumber. He smells something wonderful coming from Mrs. Smith’s kitchen and creeps to the open window where a newly baked pie is cooling on the window ledge. Unfortunately Bumps discovers it’s a raisin pie. Oh, if it had been anything but a raisin pie.  Bumps gets himself into some serious trouble over a temptation he can’t resist.

Paco is a Cuban/American boy living in the Little Havana area of Miami.  On his own, Paco braves the fearsome Atlantic Ocean to battle El Grande the legendary giant tuna.  By hooking El Grande, Paco hopes to win something very special for his sister Rosa in this ‘Young Man and the Sea’ adventure.

Jack has a favorite star shirt that has gone missing.   Mother is missing her floppy gardening hat.  Father is missing his green sweater.   Sister Evelyn is missing one pink sock with hearts on it.  And now Mitzi the family dog is missing too.  Can Jack solve the mystery of the disappearing things?

Christopher has the wonderful idea to put on a Christmas Pageant.  But there is a problem.  One of the props they counted on for the play is going to Grandma’s with Alice.  It looks like the end of the kids pageant. That is unless Christopher can convince his dog Riley to play along.  Each page is lovingly illustrated with pen and ink drawings of the characters and scenes.

Bearka the panhandling puppy is always begging for food.  His older, wiser brother Max has told him someday his begging is going to get him into trouble.  But Bearka doesn’t listen.  Each day he sneaks out thru the gate with the broken latch to beg food from his friends.  Then over to the beach to panhandle food from the tourists.  But this day is different.  A vacationing family thinks Bearka is a stray and put him in their car as they head back to Vermont.  Will Bearka ever see his wise old brother Max again.  Follow our thieving dog as he learns the lesson of a lifetime.  This preposterous tale actually happened.  15 Color illustrations.

In this Bearka sequel, the loveable little dog follows his dream of finding buried pirate treasure.  The Museum display of Spanish gold doubloons and pieces of eight have been robbed.  Bearka notices two suspicious characters at the Dive Shop renting Scuba gear.  As he follows his nose soon the robbers are chasing him.  Will our friend catch the bad guys and see that the stolen treasure is returned to the Museum?  Color illustrations.

•  BEST FRIENDS FOREVER – A Story of Ruth 
Is a Young Adult non-fiction about friendship.  Friends are great to hang out with.  But what happens when your best friend’s life falls apart?  Will you stick by her? An excellent example of unshakable friendship is found in the Book of Ruth.  We see the devotion of Ruth, coming from a different ethnic background, to her mother-in-law Naomi. Follow this incredible story and as we understand the importance it holds for today.

Maria has always had a fear of the water.  But best friend Carolyn gets her to take swimming lessons.  The annual summer Swimming Meet is coming up and the girls are competing against each other in  the 50 meter race.  Can Maria overcome her doubts and become the champion?

•  AN OBEDIENT HEART – Unlocking the Cultural Mysteries of the Book of Ruth 
This Women’s Study is a highly readable  look into the delightful vagaries of the Book of Ruth.  The amazing story is filled with love, the power of hope and the deliverance of the Lord.  This study of Ruth is engaging in its narrative, asking us to look deeper into the story.  Challenging us to put ourselves back in time to explore the culture and thinking of the inhabitants of a town in Judea called Bethlehem.

Kip, a lowly silk worm, produces nothing but lumpy, bumpy silk. When the highly prized silk worm, Ling Ling, is stolen by Evil Doctor Fong, Kip is off to the rescue. He leaves a silken trail to follow by the ingenious use of a new invention. Ling Ling is saved and our hero Kip’s flawed silk becomes much sought after in the land.