After working through several edits, TYRONE THE TERRIBLE, The Chameleon Who Decided He Was an Alligator, is off to the publisher for final approval. My cover illustration is done, and waiting approval. Once this is done, the book will be out shortly.

It has been an exciting process. I have learned many new things along the way. I’ve given my first interview, done a Zoom meeting, where I had to get out of my PJ’s, and learned to navigate my way around Dropbox (kind-of).

Don’t tell my editor, but there were times when she would ask for something, and I would have to google the word to find out what I was supposed to do. But I managed to get done what was needed, and added some new words to my vocabulary.

The release date is set for next month. I’ll give you a heads-up when the book is ready. Thanks for being with me along this publishing journey.

Jan Lis

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