I had a wonderful weekend in Miami at the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Conference. Learned so much, and made so many good contacts. There were panel discussions – a First Books panel, Publishers panel, and Agents panel. And some great workshops. The whole weekend was about children’s books, from Picture Books to Young Adult.

My Chapter Book, TYRONE THE TERRIBLE, The Chameleon Who Decided He Was an Alligator, is in the first edit stage. Which makes me wonder how many edits there are. Of course I will find out. What a shock when you think you are fairly literate and the first mark-up comes back to you with all kinds of re-dos. It is an interesting process, and I am actually enjoying the learning experience.

My favorite web place, Book Funnel, is having a free book offer if you sign up for my newsletter. The freebee is available now until February 15th. My Children’s short story for you to download is: WHERE IS MY SHIRT? Check it out by clicking on:


Will let you know how my book editing process proceeds.
Stay warm if you are in the north. Living is South Florida has its perks.
Jan Lis

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