For Christmas:

Just in case you are looking for a book to give the kids for Christmas this year –

THE JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM’S STAR is a particular favorite Christmas story of mine. Right now it is part of a Children’s Christmas Book Giveaway.

Just made available, THE SPECIAL CHRISTMAS LAMB is a fun story about a group of kids who decide to put on a Christmas Pageant.

And three of my Children’s Books currently on Amazon:

TYRONE THE TERRIBLE, The Chameleon Who Decided He Was an Alligator

Merry Christmas to you all, and don’t worry, Christmas is NOT canceled.
Jan Lis

A Busy Month

From Live Oak trees dripping spanish moss at the Florida Christian Writer’s Conference at Lake Yale, Florida to turning fall on Lake Hartwell, Georgia, It has been quite a wonderful month. Can’t say enough about the special special time we had at the Conference. Thanks to Eva Marie, Taryn, Edwina and all the staff for making the time so memorable.
Got home from the conference on a Sunday night, tired, overwhelmed and happy. Unpacked, did laundry, repacked and flew to Greenville, SC, where my dear friends, Tom and Jo Ellen picked me up to spend 2 lazy weeks at their home on the lake in Georgia.
Back home now to South Florida, having missed the hurricane. And time to get back to work.
PS – If you are looking for some great children’s books for Christmas take a look:
Love you,
Jan Lis


Happy September,

We made it through the summer, mask and all. Hope you are well and happy.

Just a reminder, my new Picture Book I HATE OATMEAL is a Goodreads Giveaway starting today through September 16th.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

I Hate Oatmeal by Jan Lis

I Hate Oatmeal

by Jan Lis

Released August 24 2020

Giveaway ends in 13 days (September 16, 2020)

5 copies available, 379 people requesting

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Stanley Hutchings rated it –

It was amazing – 5 stars

This is a good book for young children. My granddaughters (6 and 8) loved it. I read it to the 6-year old (she read a little), but the 8-yr old read it herself. They are not very picky eaters but 6-year old hates raisins on oatmeal. Thinks the fruit might be yucky, but the honey and jam would be good. She loves oatmeal with honey and chocolate chips. My other granddaughter (8) loves oatmeal with raisins, dried cherries, and chocolate chips as a smiley face on top. Both like it made with milk, butter, and honey.


There is a great August Children’s Book Giveaway going on now.

Check it out for free stuff.

Included in the giveaway is my Children’s Poetry Book:


A Treasure Book of Poems for Young Readers is a verbal and visual treat in a poetry book for kids. Jan Lis’ poems are a fun filled collection of stories about bedtime noises, buried pirate treasure, sand castles, best friend teddy bears, cookie baking kids, squawking parrots, scratching dogs, snoozing cats and much, much more. Each page is lavishly illustrated with Jan Lis’ colorful images, creating a delightful world of wonder to be explored in 34 full color pages.


I’ve had plenty of time this summer to finish several projects I’m working on. Which is wonderful for me, as I love to start a project, but have trouble actually finishing it. The Publishing World is pretty much shut down now. My agent is telling us to get our manuscripts all polished up and ready for when business reopens. So, the summer has become a great time to complete my unfinished stories, and illustrations.

One of the stories is about a little dog who gets into trouble because he loves to beg for food.

The title is:




TYRONE THE TERRIBLE has won the Purple Dragonfly Children’s Book Award for a Chapter Book.



And the BIG news is I have a Children’s Picture Book releasing in September. I will reveal all in the next Newsletter. Until then, stay safe, and hug your pet.

Jan Lis


At last, I signed the approval papers for the Cover and Interior for TYRONE THE TERRIBLE, The Chameleon Who Decided He Was an Alligator. And the manuscript is now off to the printers. In a short time (I hope) my book will be ready for the world to see. And I can actually hold it in my hands. Proud parent.

It has been a fun and exciting project. Special thanks to the people at Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. Editor Derinda and publisher Deb couldn’t have been more helpful to an absolute new-comer like me.

As a matter of fact, I plan to go through this whole process again in the fall. I have been informed that my Picture Book, I HATE OATMEAL, has been accepted for publication by Elk Lake in November.

This could become a habit. Anyway, TYRONE will be out in paperback and ebook on Amazon. I’ll let you know when. Then you have to do your part and buy one and leave a wonderful review.

One last thing. I have a short story OPERATION S.O.S. (SAVE OUR STABLE) I want to share with you. It is free when you click the link below. My summer project is to lengthen it into a full story, complete with color illustrations. But more about this project later. Just enjoy the story and look forward to the expanded book.

Love you all,

Jan Lis

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