There is a great August Children’s Book Giveaway going on now.

Check it out for free stuff.

Included in the giveaway is my Children’s Poetry Book:


A Treasure Book of Poems for Young Readers is a verbal and visual treat in a poetry book for kids. Jan Lis’ poems are a fun filled collection of stories about bedtime noises, buried pirate treasure, sand castles, best friend teddy bears, cookie baking kids, squawking parrots, scratching dogs, snoozing cats and much, much more. Each page is lavishly illustrated with Jan Lis’ colorful images, creating a delightful world of wonder to be explored in 34 full color pages.


I’ve had plenty of time this summer to finish several projects I’m working on. Which is wonderful for me, as I love to start a project, but have trouble actually finishing it. The Publishing World is pretty much shut down now. My agent is telling us to get our manuscripts all polished up and ready for when business reopens. So, the summer has become a great time to complete my unfinished stories, and illustrations.

One of the stories is about a little dog who gets into trouble because he loves to beg for food.

The title is:




TYRONE THE TERRIBLE has won the Purple Dragonfly Children’s Book Award for a Chapter Book.



And the BIG news is I have a Children’s Picture Book releasing in September. I will reveal all in the next Newsletter. Until then, stay safe, and hug your pet.

Jan Lis

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